The Company aims to provide a continuity of work for the success of the company and its employees and developing Client/Consultant relationships,Partnering/Framework relationships, whilst carrying out high quality workmanship ?built on trust? and an understanding of Client?s/ Customer?s needs and requirements. This will involve early project involvement, often assisting the Client/ Customer at the inception of a scheme or project.

The core of our business is the construction of buildings projects. We are well equipped to handle the smallest to the largest of jobs.

As a multiple trade Construction Company we pride ourselves on our ability to work smoothly with clients, principle contractors and subcontractors to meet building and design requirements.

What sets us apart is the direct employment of our workforce and our passion for achieving the best engineered solutions for our clients

As the prime contractor or principle subcontractor our ability has been demonstrated from projects varying from providing design and build offices, troop accommodation, warehouses etc.

Most of the PRISOM employees at site are converse well in Civil structural works and drawings. All employees are experienced and qualified in many disciplines ranging from Civil Works, Plumbing, Electrical, Mechanical, Carpentry, Concrete, Vertical Buildings and more?.


  • To enhance the quality of constructions
  • To serve with best value for money and high return on project
  • To acquaint client with Residential and Commercial Projects of Standards
  • Serve with an environment of professionalism, team work and excellence
  • To respect all environmental rules, regulations and legal requirements
  • To enhance customer value